SCENE is a young organisation, incorporated since August 2018.
Although it's been making community improvements since 2012.

It's our fundamental belief is that people feel better in nice spaces.
This may seem like a little thing but it's a big thing.

Waking up and coming home to living conditions that are unpleasant
can drain energy, motivation, positivity and self care.

Similarly you can't be at your best if working premises are at their worst.
Designed spaces promote a happy, healthy environment.

To install a system of community improvement and enrichment.

SCENE'S  mission is to provide skills, opportunities and employment
for individuals with disadvantages due to; social, emotional,
physical, intellectual, age, cultural and language barriers.

Free aesthetic improvements for tired not-for-profit organisations
with little or no funding. Making spaces to inspire clients,
energise staff and thank the hard working volunteers.

Generate community engagement design projects and activities
that are easy, simple, quick, inexpensive and purposeful.

Offer affordable design and decoration services for struggling small
businesses and homeowners unable to meet the high cost of trades

Produce quality products and services for the general public
with profits funding further improvement projects.